Mittwoch, 24. November 2010


 EDUFORCE First Steps is a non-profit, non- governmental and non- partisan organisation based in Tamale, Northern Ghana. We support the educational and vocational training of disadvantaged children from surrounding villages, who would otherwise have poor life prospects. Supported by enthusiastic volunteers and dedicated Ghanaian staff, EDUFORCE has made considerable progress towards achieving its aims.

EDUFORCE was set up in 2008, with the aim of addressing issues that hinder the socio-economic development of the poor and the marginalised and to work with boys and girls and other vulnerable groups to achieve their rights to a life of dignity. To do this, EDUFORCE is empowering the vulnerable in Society, especially children (boys and girls) to reduce poverty through the provision of the strategic needs of children.

This project will benefit children by enhancing the survival mechanisms of their communities. It will provide greater access to education, water, livelihoods and food.
Gaining knowledge and experience will help children acquire competitive skills and the ability to stand for leadership positions, attain employment and improve living standards.
Access to water will improve hygiene and reduce disease. Children will no longer have to travel long distances to collect water, leaving more time for reading, playing or simply resting.
Greater availability of food will help the children to concentrate on education.
Right now we are working with five community's or villages, they are NBANAAYILI, WULANYILLI, KALARIGA, MANGULI KUKOO and DUNGU.
At Nbanaayili EDUFORCE is building a three class room for the community.
At Wulanyilli EDUFORCE joined hands with the people of the community to put up a school there and EDUFORCE do help the children with books and other learning materials, but there are now lucking of furnitures.
At Kalariga, EDUFORCE helps some children there by sending them to school and we manage to pay their school fees and buy them book and then school uniforms.
At Dungu EDUFORCE is helping and telling the people of the importance of sending their children to school and we sponsor some children there to. The chief of Dungu gives EDUFORCE a land to build a school there.
At Mangulikukoo EDUFORCE is working hard there to by educating the community the importance of sending a child to school and we donate some books to some schools. But we are doing our best to work with more communitys as well.