Eduforce works in partnership with several volunteering organizations, tour companies and government agencies.

Immigration Service
The immigration service in Tamale is a security body, handling migration issues. Eduforce collaborates with them when extending the visas of participants prolonging their stay in Ghana. The immigration service has left the responsibility to Eduforce on deciding which participants are suitable to continue their stay in Ghana. When participants violate Ghanaian laws or the trust of the organization Eduforce can through the immigration service urge on deportation.

Coalition of Eduforce is a four-member association. The coalition started to align the work of different volunteer organizations in Tamale to reach their goals in the most efficient way. The four organizations support each other in their various activities and cooperate concerning host families and projects when needed. In regular meetings the organizations discuss new ideas, experiences and strategies. This is important for the organizations to locate projects and working places with the greatest need of volunteers and to make sure that the volunteers are spread out successfully. It is also good for different volunteer organizations to share experiences on working with volunteers to form their programs in the best way.